What is the magnetic lock?

June 18, 2019

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        The magnetic locks also called electromagnetic locks to have two parts: electromagnet and induced plate (a metal foil). The electromagnet is in the frame and the plate to the door. Both components contact when the door is closed. When the electromagnet is energized, a magnetic flux is created that causes the armature plate to attract the electromagnet, blocking the opening of the gate. When the electric current is stopped, the door is allowed to open.

        How can you cut the current so that the door opens? There is a button that cuts off the power supply and allows the door to unlock for a few seconds. It is the typical mechanism that you will have seen in the banks, where when entering you have to ring the bell for someone to open you unlocking the door.
We can find two types of magnetic locks, which we can call “with blocking” or “without blocking”. Locking magnetic    

locks remain closed when there is no current in the building, while unlocked locks are unlocked when there is no power.

       Locking locks are suitable for security doors, which have to remain closed even if there is a blackout or any power cut. Instead, the locks without blockade are suitable for emergency exits (imagine that there is a fire in the building and the security doors were blocked).