Panic bar lock

May 24, 2019

Latest company news about Panic bar lock

The Panic bar lock is also called the fire passage escape lock. It is mainly used in large supermarkets, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, schools, factories and factories, and other public places with large traffic flow. It has the ability to prevent outsiders from entering the interior without permission, and can also reach internal personnel in emergencies such as fires. Under the safe escape, panic bar lock can usually be divided into two types: one is the ordinary type, and the other is the alarm type. When the alarm-type escape lock is used without permission, it will emit a high-decibel alarm sound, and it can be disarmed and armed by means of key, swipe, password, etc. to stop and resume the alarm function. In recent years, the fire department has visited the major shopping malls and supermarkets. The safety of fire exits in schools, hospitals, etc. has extremely high requirements. New fire safety laws and regulations require public places to be equipped with fire exit locks. 


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