How To Install Magnetic Lock

April 21, 2016

Latest company news about How To Install Magnetic Lock

Magnetic locks use to reach 100% of the results, we recommend magnetic locks must comply with the following installation, use principles:

1, magnetic locks and door locks to be a 90 degree angle
Magnetic lock either horizontally or vertically mounted on the door frame, but the magnetic locks, whether horizontally or vertically mounted on the door frame and door frames must be a 90 degree angle. In order to maximize tension and adsorption plate.

2, magnetic locks and adsorption plate whether installed in any door, exposed or Embed, the two forces should be "face to face" in a straight line, suction can reach 100%.

3, magnetic locks need to hide indoors wire required if "inwardly open door" for an external electromagnetic lock or z LZ auxiliary frame, magnetic locks installed in the room, because there is a safety concern exposed! While wiremount best hidden in the door frame to ensure safety.

4, adsorption panel and electromagnetic lock suction surface is not aligned
Adsorption and magnetic lock plate is not perfectly aligned, affected not only the suction and magnetic locks internal reed can not properly detect whether the doors locked shut.

5, the adsorption plate can not be locked if the slightest pause between adsorption and magnetic lock plate, the suction will be greatly affected.
So the attraction plate fixed to the doors of the times necessary to add "rubber gasket" Let adsorption board fine-tuning function, and electromagnetic lock contact surface without gaps!

6, magnetic locks and relay connection
Magnetic lock is "Fail Safe", so the electromagnetic lock power supply circuit to pick N.C. contacts reader relay (Relay) on.