Electromagnetic Lock

June 6, 2019

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The design of the electromagnetic lock (or magnetic lock) is the same as that of the electromagnet. It is based on the principle of electromagnetism. When the current passes through the silicon steel sheet, the electromagnetic lock will generate a strong suction force and tightly suck the adsorption iron plate to achieve the effect of locking the door. . As long as the small current electromagnetic lock will generate a great magnetic force, the access control system that controls the electromagnetic lock power supply will be powered off after the correct identification personnel, and the electromagnetic lock will lose its suction to open the door.


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Holding  force: 80kg 150kg 180kg 280kg 300kg 350kg 500kg, etc.;

Embedded electromagnetic lock

Working voltage: DC12V;
Working current: ≤250MA;
Professional device: built-in surge absorber;
Scope of application: wooden doors, glass doors, metal doors, fire doors;
Safety type: power off and unlock.