Electric strike lock

June 12, 2019

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The working principle of the Electric strike lock is similar to that of the anode lock (electric lock). The Electric strike lock and the anode lock have a smaller use range than the cathode lock, and are generally used for the installation of a common wooden door, and the lock of the wooden door is locked by the notch of the Electric strike lock to achieve the function of locking the door. The Electric strike lock is an accessory product of the access control system. It is generally installed on the door frame to lock the mechanical lock tongue. The Electric strike lock can be widely applied to office buildings, wooden doors, stainless steel doors, fire doors, community entrances and exits, and anode mechanical locks. Or a ball lock for use. A typical Electric strike lock is an energized open door type. Suitable for one-way wooden doors. It is recommended to install a UPS power supply for the cathode lock. Because the lock is locked when the power is off.

The Electric strike lock is embedded and has a beautiful appearance. The electromagnetic part is processed by high-quality magnetic materials and special processes, which can work for a long time without generating residual magnetism to ensure normal operation and use. Electric strike lock  supports 90° open door does not support 180° open door, Electric strike lock uses high hardness stainless steel tab, withstand impact pressure: 250KG
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